About Us

Power of Jehovah, London, is one of the over 800 parishes of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in United Kingdom and Ireland. Founded in 1952, RCCG is a worldwide Christian mission under the leadership of the General Overseer, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, with a mandate to take the gospel to the entire world, in line with the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:16-20.

We are a praying, bible believing family church, with emphasis on prayer and holiness as outlined in Hebrews 12:14. As a caring family church, we encourage every believer to build and nurture a purposeful relationship with God, through Worship, Bible Study and Prayer.

We believe that through this, people are helped by the Holy Spirit to discover and enter into their God ordained destiny as well as grow to develop and maximise their potentials to the glory of God.

Our Church is Church is:

  • Heaven Conscious People
  • A Church of Heaven Bound Saints of God
  • A Church of Debt Free Worshipers
  • A Loving Family of God

Our Mission Statement

  • To lead Many to heaven
  • To preach the Gospel
  • To heal the hurting
  • To teach the truth of the Word of God
  • To serve our community

Our Beliefs

The Bible is the inspired word of God (2 Tim 3:16) It is the written and revealed Will of God for mankind and we believe that God’s will remains unchangeable. (Matt. 24:35).

There is only one God, the creator of both visible and invisible creatures (Gen. 1:1; Ps. 86:9-10; Is. 43:10-11; John 1:1-3). Only God will be in existence forever (Ez. 3:14) and in Him, every creature receives life (John 5:26).

We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who took away our sins and is the Saviour of the world. He was born by the virgin Mary and He is God revealed in the flesh. Through Him all things were created. John 1:1-14; John 14:9; Matt. 1:18-25, Is 9:6; Is 53:5-6. We believe in His death on the Cross, and resurrection, by which He brought redemption – Is. 53:4-10; I Pet. 2:24; John 10:11; Gal. 3:13, Matt. 20:28; I Cor. 15:3; Rom. 4:25; II Cor. 5:14; Heb 2:9; Heb 9:26.


The Pastor is responsible for the governance of the Church with oversight of all aspects of the church, administrative, organizational and spiritual. At the same time, PoJ is a registered charity governed by Charity Trustees, persons having the general control and management of the administration of a Charity (Section97(1)Charities Act 1993)
The Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the church is administered in conjunction with its stated charitable purpose and it keeps within its legal, financial and governance requirements.
They are also responsible to Charity Commission, the church and the public at large.